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Ticwatch e

Smartwatches are still a bit of a tough category. Of course even now, Wear OS still feels a little sterile, even boring, especially considering how little it actually adds to the experience of using a smartphone. Pretty much any smartwatch can fill the role of a notification center and alternate way of sending messages and taking calls.

Sport-oriented Wear devices also track your steps, as well as your location during various forms of exercise, and some even have features like NFC-driven payments via Android Pay. Aside from that, the core of Android Wear is pretty much the same from device to device, which makes the overall experience a love-it-or-hate-it kind of thing. Powered by a custom version of Android, creator Mobvoi wanted to give smartwatch beginners a different avenue into the space. With the Ticwatch S and E, that feature has been jettisoned to offer a more affordable product.

In doing so, Mobvoi has put itself in a strange middle ground between the people who actually might like Wear OS and those who are just trying to save a buck. So how do these latest offerings compare? The Ticwatch S is the sportier of the two watches. The one we used was more eye-catching than most. David even wore it in a number recent videos and a lot of people asked what he was wearing. These problems disappeared with the Ticwatch E, which showed up in matte black that would blend in a little better.

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Other versions of the Ticwatch E look even better, but we appreciated the black on black nonetheless. The E is compatible with any 22 mm band, and has a GPS nested within the watch itself, rather than hiding it in the band. Without any drops or bumps, the screen got stuck showing a context card and now flickers like crazy.

We have only seen this happen to our unit, but felt the need to mention it. Your mileage may vary with a watch in this price range. Both watches sport just one button on the left, which feels too squishy for good tactile response.

Putting the button on the left side makes these watches a bit different, but it also feels a bit unnatural. The rest of the specifications are the same. The 1.

Ticwatch E - Smart Watch powered by Android Wear

Both use MediaTek processors, which have held up so far. The S and E feature mAh batteries which, boosted by the omission of cellular radios, have lasted up to 2 days, but definitely closer to 1. The included charger has a strong magnet which snaps right into place. What else makes the S different from E? Aside from the cosmetic changes and location of the GPS antenna, the S also comes with a Mobvoi-developed health suite, which works quite well.

The app shows Apple Watch-esque circles illustrating your calories burned, your steps, and even your nutritional intake likely derived from a baseline total daily energy expenditure TDEE. The interface on both the watch and the connected smartphone app are appealing and work well enough for casual fitness tracking. I used the watch for Sleep as Android tracking and it worked alright, but forced me to shift the charging time of the watch to midday so it would have enough juice for nightly tracking.

The heart rate monitor and GPS work as well as expected. A wrist-mounted heart rate monitor is never as accurate as other methods, but it is nice to have when the desire to check our vitals strikes. The Ticwatch E is not afforded these features, making it more for those who just want a wrist-bound notification center compatible, with a few other apps to suit their needs.

Mobvoi ticks a lot of the right boxes with their devices, but we miss the touch-sensitive strip. For the money, you are also paying for completely plastic bodies, which do not instill a high level of confidence.Is there still a reason to buy a full touchscreen watch?

Does that mean corners have been cut elsewhere?

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The 44mm body is round and chunky with a 1. This is rare in the world of watches, but it does make the button easier to push, and stops it digging into your wrist.

Underneath the body is a heart rate sensor, and on the top edge is the ambient light sensor. The Ticwatch E is very simply designed, and reminds us of a Swatch watch — originally made as a second watch — right down to being available in several bright colors.

The screen is slightly recessed in the body, and the sides are a little sharp, which is why the Ticwatch E feels cheap when swiping across the screen.

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A chamfered metal screen edge, or a rounded plastic one, would make using the watch more pleasurable. The design is definitely more suited to match with casual or sportswear, and it will likely appeal to first-time smartwatch or watches in general buyers.

But it actually looks great wearing it to the gym, or with casual clothes. The 1.

Mobvoi TicWatch E vs S Comparison: Which Wear OS Smartwatch Is Better?

Wear OS is more or less the same on every smartwatch that runs it, and the Ticwatch E only has a selection of watch faces as well as a fitness app to separate it from the crowd. You sync music playback with Google Play Music, and it takes ages to download playlists for offline use. Still, Google Play Music on Wear OS is better than ever before, with a shuffle mode and easy access to individual tracks. Ticwatch has its own app, which you install on your connected phone to access the fitness features of the watch.

ticwatch e

Repeated unsuccessful attempts to register using an email address resulted in frustration, and eventually forced us to use either a Google or Facebook login.

Once setup, the app provides workout programs and fitness-tracking data.

ticwatch e

Alternatively, you can just use Google Fit. The good news is it pushes Wear OS along smoothly, and moderately quickly. The moderate speed is more to do with the operating system, than the chip, in our opinion. Having lived with the Ticwatch E for a couple of weeks, we assume the battery is miniscule, because the 48 hour battery life claim is the biggest work of fiction since Dan Brown last put pen to paper.Last Updated on March 30, by Jude Simeone.

Ticwatch E now has a newer version with the name Ticwatch E2. Perhaps you are wondering what the difference is and why should you buy the Ticwatch E2.

Well there are new additions that make the E2 a worthwhile watch to purchase. The major difference between Ticwatch e vs e2 is in the sizes plus the additional features.

The new Ticwatch E2 has a more premium design than E, its rated 5ATM instead of IP67 of E has a longer battery life and the fitness tracking accuracy and automatic recognition of activities are much improved with the E2.

The new Ticwatch E2 is slightly bigger while retaining almost the same screen size, its now slimmer which makes it sleeker. Perhaps, women with medium-sized wrist will like this watch. The E2 has a nicer design and as such looks are more stylish and decent than the E.

Mobvoi worked on the battery life of the E2 which has seen it come with a higher battery capacity of mAh compared to mAh of the E.

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Ticwatch E2 has a longer battery life than the E, with the E2 you should get up to 2 days or more of battery life on regular usage from a single charge while with the E is just over a day. No doubt, the E2 is a better choice for extreme workout sessions and a better companion for short holidays. All your key performance metrics such as lap time, speed, Swim Golf SWOLF will be recorded and generated right after you finish your swim.

The most outstanding improvement that comes with Ticwatch E2 is the increased activity tracking accuracy and automatic recognition of activities. With Ticwatch E you could track your daily activities, but it gets better with a more accurate fitness tracker and highly sensitive sensors that automatically recognize your activities. The smarter Ticwatch E2 comes with TicMotion an invisible technology that proactively tracks your activities without you needing to activate anything.

It goes beyond just counting steps or calculating calories. No doubt these two smartwatches are fantastic choices, but the difference is very clear. Ticwatch E has a loudspeaker which the E2 lacks, but that is just it as the new Ticvwatch E2 is a lot more stylish and finely finished giving it a better design.

In addition, Ticwatch E2 is a far better fitness trackerwherever life takes you, whether on land or water its ready for the job. The good news is more updates are on the way via OTA upgrades, Mobvoi had stated that it would be releasing more activity tracking features soon. The battery life upgrade is something smartwatch fans yearn for, Ticwatch E2 has a longer battery life than Ticwatch E and I think this one main reason you should go for Ticwatch E2.

It gives the best value for money. Your email address will not be published. Like this post? Please share it Contents of this Page. Ticwatch E vs E2 Features Compared. Design The new Ticwatch E2 is slightly bigger while retaining almost the same screen size, its now slimmer which makes it sleeker. Battery Life Mobvoi worked on the battery life of the E2 which has seen it come with a higher battery capacity of mAh compared to mAh of the E.

Fitness Tracking The most outstanding improvement that comes with Ticwatch E2 is the increased activity tracking accuracy and automatic recognition of activities. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. We use cookies to improve our site and your experience. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.It comes with the essential heart rate monitor, runs wear OS from Google, and has a battery life that should be able to see it through one full day.

The E2 sports a circular 1. This means scrolling is going to be more of an on screen activity. The watch can also be paired with both Android and iOS devices, and comes with enough fitness features to give you reliable feedback on your workouts.

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Ticwatch E2.

Mobvoi Ticwatch E review

Swim Tracking day money back guarantee Full day battery life. NFC not supported. Performance 9. Design 8. Value 9. Reader Rating 0 Votes 0. Kenn Muguna Kenn is a writer that's fascinated by all things tech. Having been born curious about how everything works, he spends his time taking things apart to put them back together, and shares what he finds out through writing.

Related Articles. Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch Review August 25, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. No Yes Review Headline Performance. Final Score. Close Search for.However, both the Ticwatch S and E incredibly powerful smartwatches with technology designed by Android and designs to rival that of the Apple Watch. Their price tag is also what makes them stand out, a great deal cheaper than competitor brands.

One was even cheap enough to make it into our best budget smartwatches list. The Ticwatch E is the original iteration of the two. The Ticwatch S is marketed and engineered as a specialist sports watch, claiming to improve on the GPS technology and maneuverability of the first watch. The Ticwatch E vs. B oth Ticwatch E and Ticwatch S employ a circular watch face design.

TicWatch E на Android Wear

This may surprise some as the two watches look quite distinctive from each other. Appearance is where a fundamental difference lies between the two. The Ticwatch E smartwatch utilizes removable watch straps, giving its face a more rugged look. The design gives the Ticwatch S a much more distinctive sporty look, along with a more comfortable feel and sturdily-built appearance. The S is the watch you would wear on a run or a heavy exercise session.

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The E is a smartwatch you can wear for any occasion. If you are searching for an even more formal look, the Ticwatch 2 provides a broader range of smart designs. Strangely, the E has a more vibrant color choice, even though brightness integrated into the S could double as a high-visibility feature while exercising in the dark. T ic watch E vs S when it comes to their display is a draw, both sport an identical 1.

This display is crisp and clear in almost any lighting, providing a bold and dynamic display. Both watches boast a collection of swappable smartwatch faces with the Ticwatch S providing a little more than the E.

However, the S and E have a wide range of faces available for them on the Play Store. IP67 is slightly disappointing from a smartwatch of this caliber.

Especially considering the sport-centric watch needs to be a little more durable and ready to wear in any weather. WearOS also means that both smartwatches come equipped with Google Assistant. A voice-activated assistant that allows you to control other connected smart objects and set reminders and calendar information.

Each watch comes with a heart rate sensor, a step counter and GPS functionality. Again, an odd occurrence as one is supposed to be directed at fitness enthusiasts, especially.

The claim is that the GPS antenna is built into the band of the Ticwatch S allows for more accurate fitness and distance readings. But upon testing this, a massive difference was not found. A s mentioned, the fitness aspects of both the Ticwatch S and Ticwatch E smartwatch are plentiful. The different monitors provided give the user a comprehensive selection of fitness gauges through which they can understand their fitness regimes. In terms of sleep tracking technology, neither of these iterations of Mobvoi Ticwatch have the features in their basic design.

But, sleep tracking is available on the Mobvoi app that syncs your smartphone and the watch. Also, Sleep as Android is available to download and utilize. It comes complete with a smart alarm system and sleep talk recording as well. The bottom line is in an in-depth review of differences, there is not much separating the two watches for fitness, even though one is engineered for sports.

The 3. Battery life is an aspect that Mobvoi improved upon with the Ticwatch Pro. The good news is that the magnetic charging cable is sleek and fits perfectly.Skip to main content of results for "ticwatch e". Ticwatch E most comfortable Smartwatch-Shadow,1. Get it as soon as Fri, Oct FREE Shipping. Amazon's Choice for ticwatch e. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. Related searches. Need help? Visit the help section or contact us.

Ticwatch E review

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ticwatch e

Eligible for Free Shipping. Customer Review. International Shipping. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping.Mobvoi has always promised that its Ticwatch smartwatches can deliver things all the other smartwatches do at even better price points, and that's no different with the new Ticwatch E. E in this case stands for Express, which is a good word to describe what this watch aims to do.

It wants to be the quickest and most affordable way for you to get into the smartwatch world, and it's not content with just giving you features, it wants to give you a fairly intriguing design at the same time. Read this : Best Android Wear watches to own. It's also joined by the sportier Ticwatch S, and a full review of that is on its way. But for now, is the Ticwatch E as appealing as it is affordable?

Here's our verdict. There's something nostalgic about wearing the Ticwatch E. It kind of feels like a Swatch if Swatch made smartwatchesutilising a simple design made splashy by a clear plastic coating that gives it a nice sheen.

The white "Ice" version is especially eye-catching, and I've had a couple of people over the course of two weeks asking what I was wearing. It's also a good size with its 44mm watch case.

But it's cute. One odd design decision here was to put the single button on the device on the left of the case, rather than the right. This feels a little strange at first, and like me you might be wondering if you've accidentally activated "lefty" mode. On the plus side it keeps the back of your palm from accidentally hitting buttons when you fold your wrist back for any number of reasons. In that way, it's actually nicely convenient once you're used to it. That clear plastic covers a white bezel around a 1.

It's a good, bright screen that's easily viewable in the glaring outdoor sunlight.

ticwatch e

The display isn't quite up to matching the Gear Sportbut it's good enough. On the underside, you've got a heart rate sensor, and inside there's GPS, which differs from that on the Ticwatch S, which has the GPS chip built into the strap in an effort to provide better performance. You've also got IP67 water resistance here, so don't you worry your brow over getting caught in the rain. It's not made for swimming, though. The straps on the Ticwatch are comfortable and light, but you can also easily swap them out for other 20mm bands, giving you some nice potential customisation.


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